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Some other voyages and expeditions of Christian Clot


Iran 2011 - Between mountains and desert, another vision of ancient Persia

Rice bowl, Zagros mountain Iran has some of the hottest deserts in the world, like Dash-e-Lut, and looks on this country are often distorted with strong ideological filters. Going to see this world and its inhabitants more closely was part of Christian Clot's projects. Also, during the summer of 2011, he joined Mélusine Mallender during his motorcycle expedition Les Routes Persanes . Iran still bans driving motorcycles for women which implied, for the Iranian side, a man with her. Although traveling by motorbike is not in the habit of Christian, accustomed to non-motorized means, the two projects were made to meet. For six weeks, the two adventurers therefore crisscrossed Iran on a motorcycle, a very easy way to meet the inhabitants, intrigued by a woman driving this machine. A rare experience, with very welcoming populations and in breathtaking landscapes. (See the Iran conference ).


Spitsbergen, land crossing and coastal navigation

The island of Spitsbergen, 700 km north of the North Cape (Norway) and barely 1000 km from the North Pole is an ideal land for polar training as well as for wildlife observation. But its history is not left out of its interests, with whaling starting only a few decades after its discovery at the beginning of the 16th century. Christian Clot had the opportunity to carry out several missions in glacier crossing or in navigation, thus completing his polar training by discovering the splendours of the Svalbard archipelago of which Spitsbergen is part.


Mountains, from the Alps to the Himalayas, from the Andes to the Pamirs

It was through the mountains that Christian Clot truly developed a taste for discovery and the commitment necessary to follow an adventure to the end. After several climbs in the Swiss and French Alps, he has the opportunity to meet all the variety of mountains in the world, from the highest peaks to volcanoes, from sharp peaks to gentle hills. Dry or icy, it still enjoys climbing peaks. If his research on adaptation to extreme environments has led him to discover many environments, each one as rich as the next, he still appreciates being on a summit ... Because, from above, everything is so much more beautiful .

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