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Christian has been exploring our world for more than twenty years, meeting extreme environments and the humans who inhabit them. This allowed him to develop a unique multidisciplinary vision that looks at our world and its future imbued with realism, but carried by the hope of acting. He thus created the Human Adaptation research institute, with the ambition of better preparing women and men for the world of tomorrow.

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Adaptation Specialist face of change and crisis management regularly intervenes in business to prepare and support organizations in all situations.

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Focus on:

DEEP TIME, beyond time

A new scientific research expedition, designed and led by Christian Clot and the Human Adaptation Institute.

On March 7, 7 women and 7 men entered the Lombrives cave in France not to leave it for 40 days, without access to temporal information. No sun, no watch. Isolated in this splendid universe but so new to them, they were able to conduct unique studies on the brain's capacity to understand time and the capacity of a group to recreate a new synchronicity, a functioning, in a system without temporality and extreme . Deep Time has been a rare exploration to understand the human being faced with new living conditions ...

A unique time experience

The basic group and thirty scientists from 12 fields, on the surface, are thus trying to answer three questions essential for our future, using the most modern technologies:

  • How to manage disorientation, when we are subjected to a totally new situation ... like the confinements of 2020?

  • How our brain conceives and manages the time apart from any indicator?

  • How does a human group manage to synchronize and function together in totally new conditions of life?

DeepTime-Crédit Human Adaptation Institu
DeepTime-Crédit Human Adaptation Institu
Deep Time © Human Adaptation Institute 1


On March 14 at 8 p.m. one of the most incredible human scientific expeditions of recent years began: DEEP TIME. 15 people locked themselves for 40 days in the Lombrives cave in France, without access to sunlight or any time indicator. The goals: to understand cerebral plasticity linked to time, the impacts of desynchronization in the face of a new life situation and the capacity of a human group to find functional synchronization, when immersed in a totally new universe and in the absence of one of its major landmarks: time.

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