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South America, loneliness of extreme lands

Six months of crossing on foot and by sail the different environments of South America


This expedition was the logical continuation of the Nepal walking tour, which had triggered a new way of seeing the world and exploring. Training trip, the goal of this crossing of South America was to better understand the different environments of our planet by crossing several varied ecosystems present in South America. It was the trigger in my decision to devote my life to exploration and discovery.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

This expedition took place from October 05, 2001 to February 28, 2002, together, with the designer Karine Meuzard .

Each step of the adventure was carried out on foot and independently or by sailing boat. The connections between the stages were made by bus or motor boat. The main stages were:

  • Autonomous crossing in the Bolivian-Brazilian jungle.

  • Ascents in the Andes: Sajama, Parinacota, Huayna Potosi, Licancabur, Juncal, Marmolejo (with Raphaël Escoffier for the latter).

  • Crossing on foot of the desert lands of Bolivia and Chile including the full crossing of the Salar de Uyuni, Sud Lipez and part of the Atacama Desert.

  • Crossing on foot in Tierra del Fuego through the pampas and the primary forest.

  • A month of sailing as a crew around Cape Horn with Pierre Leroy and Maurice Jeandet, and in the canals of Patagonia, around Tierra del Fuego, with Thierry Deroy.

  • But also mines in Bolivia, boat in Amazonia, Tepui in Venezuela, Lake Titicaca.

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