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Nepal, where our footsteps lead us

Six-month tour of Nepal on foot


After several short-term expedition trips in the mountains or by canoe, the tour of Nepal on foot was the first major expedition and a turning point in Christian Clot's life. The first idea was to go and achieve a huge Himalayan summit, 7 or 8,000 meters. But when studying the information and maps of Nepal, many areas without precise description and mapping were particularly intriguing. And asked the question of going to Nepal for a single summit, without seeing anything else, in view of the “mysteries” that still concealed these white zones. Decision was taken to change the project and to devote 6 months to a tour of Nepal on foot.


Set off with the designer Karine Meuzard from October 01, 1999 to February 30, 2000, they traveled in five months nearly 2200km for more than 100,000m of vertical drop, from 6000m peaks to meeting an elephant, from glaciers to subtropical forests. We crisscrossed this fascinating country of 800km by 200km, to discover very varied regions, from the most touristic to the most remote and unknown. A journey of encounter with a people who live and survive thanks to nature, to villages that are still almost completely self-sufficient, most of whose inhabitants have never seen a white man before. Sporty, adventurous, this trip around a Nepal too often told only of mountains and sherpas despite its surprising diversity of landscapes, languages or ways of living will also have been that of a radical change of life for Christian Clot: despite all the discoveries, technological advances and ideas that man knows everything about his world, there are still many unknown areas, many notions to be discovered ... a world still very far from being fully known and which must be followed, until far from land and sea, continue to explore and understand. A work to which Christian Clot will now devote himself, starting with expeditions to the extreme lands of South America.

The trip was made on foot and the main stages were:

  • Departure from Pokhara Annapurna region.

  • High mustang by parallel valleys.

  • Descent to the south and tour of Dhaulagiri.

  • Walk to the far West and climb back to the North beyond the Seti River. Encounter with villages untouched by any western intrusion.

  • Crossed by the South in the subtropical forest and the terai.

  • Winter: Solo-Khumbu region.

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