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End of the 19th century ... A young intrepid aristocrat, Albert I, Crown Prince of Monaco, dreams of only one thing: to set sail. It only takes him a few years to learn the craft of a sailor and own his own schooner: the Hirondelle. Anxious to make himself useful to the world, he very quickly decided to dedicate his time and his ship to oceanographic work. By unraveling the secret of the abyss, it is a part of ourselves that he seeks to better understand. But this thirst for knowledge, this humanist drive for progress and peace, will unfortunately be confronted with a world where, at the dawn of the Great War, science is favored over destruction ...

With the Explora collection, discover the exceptional fate of the “navigator prince” Albert I, pioneer of modern oceanography and great-great-grandfather of the current Prince of Monaco. An album where science and adventure walk side by side, produced in partnership with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, of which Albert I is the founder.

Albert 1st of Monaco, the explorer prince

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